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FWIW, when I have cleaned up the float and float chamber (to keep with Bing terminology) as part of a 'rebuild' - some metal polish and pipe cleaners were used to clean the brass tube inserts in the floats. Having the float tubes polished keeps them from sticking on the pins. If they stick, then fuel comes out the carb vent hole as mentioned - which is aggravating. Note the bowls are not interchangeable.

Also, in a futile effort to state the obvious, the float chamber (bowl) fuel height affects the air/fuel mixture. More height is richer and less leaner. Bing does not provide the fuel height in the float chamber but instead describes how the float arm needs to be parallel to the carb body as an indirect way to set the fuel height. I never found it easy to tell if the float arm was parallel with the carb body while installed on the bike. Apparently, that is easy for some. Again, YMMV.
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