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Day 5

Day 5 June 25, 2013
Vanderhoof, BC to Hyder, AK
380 miles

We woke up early to rain so we decided to just pack up quickly and get coffee and breakfast on the way out of town.

The campground attendants live on site and lock the gates at night so you cant leave until 7:00 AM. It was 6:30 and were weren't going to wait around in the rain. We are rebels so we snuck out on one of the trails behind camp that you can see in the picture. Had to ride out a gravel jogging path to get out of the park. You'd be surprised at how many people are jogging at 6:30 AM in Vanderhoof. I'm sure the authorities are still looking for us.

The original plan was to ride out of town on the highway for a bit then head into the hills and get back on the dirt. I was looking forward to this section because I had heard that it was "Lousy with bears" even my GPS said so. The more we rode the harder it rained and the surrounding hills looked completely socked in. Ultimately we decided just to stay on the road and head north until we got out of the rain.

300 miles later it stopped raining and we just kept going until Hyder.

We got rooms at the Sealaska Inn. Notice I said rooms. We were already sick of each other. Not really, they were only $65 and everything we had was wet from packing up and riding in the rain so it was nice to have extra space.

After a mountain house meal jet boiled in the room we headed to the bar. The guy on the left we had run into in Smithers BC at a McDonalds. He was in the process of riding his Airhead GS from back east where he was from to Anchorage where he now lived. We saw him a bunch of times on the road so it was fitting that we'd run into him in the bar in hyder. Nice guy, cant remember if he's on here or not but maybe he'll chime in.

Dean got "Hyderized"

That's it for Day 5. More words than pics but once my tank bag started to soak through I put all the electronics in a dry bag. Tomorrow we will visit the Salmon Glacier.
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