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Picked up Mr Orange just outside of Floyd, VA just off of the BRP. He was met by the Ms RAT ( Roanoke area tag mascot). They became quiet intimate instantly.

After traveling the country side with Ms Rat, he realized she was holding him back with her boundary restriction and he want to visit North Carolina, so we left her crying at the border and continued onward.

Feeling like a hero, he told me to find him a hiding place of a true patriot. So we headed to this location

Home of Colonel Jack Martin's rock house.
Somewhere along the way John became known as "Jack" and that is the name some remember him by today. Before the Rock House was completed, John went to war from the old Surry County courthouse in Old Richmond as a Lieutenant in Captain Joseph Henry Smithís company, and served with Rutherford against the Indians in 1776. He fought for several years against the Indians as well as the Tories in the western part of North Carolina. He served under Captains Smith, Minor, Phillips, and Robert Hill. He also served under Colonels William Cleveland, Shepard, and James Martin and frequently rode with Major Joseph Winston.
John Martin was a member of the party that rescued Cleveland when the Tories, under Riddle, captured him at Old Fields. Later the party captured Riddle along with his son and another Tory. He fought with Colonel William Davidson to rout a band of loyalists under Colonel Bryan when they joined the British at Colsonís mill.
In 1781 when the Tories had their headquarters in a cave known as Tories Den, on the north side of the Sauratown mountains just south of the Rock House, John Martin, along with Joseph Cloud, Joshua Cox, and others under the command of Major Winston, attacked and killed all but one of the Tories.
Stories say the Tories attacked and raided the rock house looking for food. Supposedly the Tories also kidnapped one of Martins daughters. A sentry on patrol around the house one night spotted a campfire. The sighting led to Martin locating the Tories Den.
Here is the view looking towards Tories Den

In 1784 he married Nancy Shipp and reared ten children. His marriage encouraged him to finish the house, ca 1785, which he had begun years before as a young man.
The Rock House was four stories, including the basement and attic; had walls three feet thick; and a fireplace in the basement big enough "to roast an ox." The outside of the house was covered with white stucco and could be seen for miles around.

During the war years the Rock House was used as a fort against the indians and Tories as well as the headquarters and a rallying point for the militia. You can still see the gun ports built into the walls. Captain John Martin earned the reputation of being a brave and couragous man. He did much to eliminate the Tory influence.

After hearing the story of Colonel Jack Martin it was decided that this was a worthy hiding spot
See the telephone pole

At the base

Thanks for the adventure.
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