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Day 11 & 12

I promised some funny shenanigans. Here we go. Woke up early and had breakfast but discovered Tim had already left. Perhaps he went for breakfast before the agonizing 3 hour wait in I headed to the ferry terminal and was waved on through. I parked and checked in to get my ticket and sticker for the bike and took my place in line #7 behind a bunch of cars. I spotted these old timers. Two couples with dogs heading to Prudhoe Bay. I told them to be careful when those trucks wail by them and watch out for fist sized flying rocks.

Meet Dave. He's a musician and brought along this ukulele. Judy his wife was making sandwiches and then the unmistakable smell of fried chicken wafted over....I went nearly mad with hunger, my mouth was salivating and I began to consider knocking on the doors to all the campers, convinced someone was making fried chicken while we all waited....

Now let me take a moment and talk about Dave and Judy. Nice folks and by golly, I ran into them twice over the next couple of weeks. There are only so many roads in Alaska so it's inevitable that you'll see the same people again. I experienced this after the D2D event, pulling into gas stations or camp grounds and seeing familiar faces and bikes....I'll mention Dave and Judy again twice when I saw them next.

I walked back to my bike as it seemed we were getting close to boarding and a nice man in a white shirt came over to me to say hello. I joked with him that I was about to lose it over the smell of fried chicken and he assured me that the ship's cook was making it. I gave him a cranky 'I haven't eaten in 3 hours look' and he assured me that I would have fried chicken.

I told him if he was pulling my leg I was going to personally come and find him. He smiled and walked off. Turns out that man was the ship's captain. Captain Rudini to be exact.

Once I secured the bike, dropped my bags and heard over the ships P.A. system...."would specialagentnancy come to the purser's office". I followed the first mate to the ship's mess hall.

Yep, that's 2 plates of fried chicken you see there on the table. I had 4 pieces of fried chicken and boy was it delicious!

Tim gallantly offered to share his cabin after I told him I was going to the solarium and a little nervous about that. We agreed on a sufficient amount and I offered to buy him dinner in addition to that. He got a cabin with a view.

I had the top bunk

And our tiny but clean bathroom (something I ate in Prince Rupert didn't agree with me so I was grateful for this).

Settled into the observation lounge for even more coastal beauty. The ferry was quite a bit older than the BC ferry I took the day before but it had it's charm. No wi-fi so we had to actually talk to each other and socialize like human beings. Met this interesting man who was native tlingit, pronounced "clinket" who carved silver and gold jewelry. He was humming a native american tune that had me enthralled and after some conversation offered me half of his Moose sandwich! Like I said, this trip was all about trying and doing things I couldn't here and not only was seeing a moose at the top of the list, but so was eating one.

The ferry was 5 hours late leaving Prince Rupert due to mechanical issues....and this was fortunate and unfortunate as it allowed us to navigate through the famous Wrangell narrows during daylight and pushed me to go straight through through to Skagway to save time.

This is called the green island lighthouse. Seems this 52 year old attendant is looking for a wife.

Came into Ketchikan just before sunset.

So I put together a group of passengers; Judy, Dave, Tim, Scotty and Larry and we all piled up in a taxi and went to Saxon totem park.

and we all know this famous outline....

Next stop Skagway!
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