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OK, time for the next installment.

Day 6. Goose Bay to Red Bay

Straight's Dog

Straight_8 and I spent a little while talking about what to expect on the stretch from GB to Port Hope and on to Red Bay. He's been all over the area and had some really good advice on routes and safety tips.

The long section to Port Hope was supposed to be in good shape and the section into Red Bay was supposed to be pretty rough and WINDY!

and check out to see where I might see some bergs.

He showed me around the AF base quickly, then he headed into work.

I was messing around with the remote for the iphone camera. I needed a better tripod.

Then I gassed up, double checked the Tiger and headed out around 9. Wasn't sure where I was going to stop tonight, but I wanted to catch the Blanc Sablon ferry to NF in the morning. Just had to get close enough for that.

The bridge from hell. The grating on this made the bike feel so squirrelly, I was glad to see the other side.

Churchhill River. The government is in the process of building a dam, so I was glad to see this before the changes.

Then it was 400 km of gravel to Port Hope. About 20 kms into, I looked down and saw this on the GPS.

It made me laugh. Where else was I going to go?

Saw this guy rambling up the road. I was able to shut the bike down and coast a little closer to him. I was still a long way off, but he looked like a pretty good sized bear, compared to what we have here in VA.

Half way.

The road was, in my opinion, pretty good. I just decided to keep a steady pace for the day and ran between 90-100 kph and let the bike dance underneath me. Met a couple graders, but nothing as bad as the construction sections from the day before.

Even though this section was in the "middle of no where", there was a steady traffic flow. Enough that if something happened, it would be too long before someone would be by. The trucks and other cars were pretty decent to me. They would slow down so the dust wasn't too bad and when they would overtake me, they would usually wait until I signalled them to go around.

Almost made it on one tank. Got 380 before I stopped. I probably could have made it into Port Hope, but I didn't want to run out in a bad section of road.
Talked to a German couple just outside Port Hope as I was filling up. They were riding around NA for the next couple months. They were the first ADV'ish riders I had seen since I left the US.

Stopped and refueled the bike and me.

The weather had warmed up and I changed to my lighter gloves and take off a layer. Somehow, I spaced off the iceberg overlook but stopped to check at Mary's harbor and just happed to see a couple bergs floating.

Mary harbor to red bay SUCKED!!. Windy, roads sucked and then temp dropped a good 20 deg.

Frozen lake

Finally made it to Red Bay and the end of the gravel. I almost kissed the road. Road up to the hotel and asked about a room, but I didn't want to spend that much, so I stopped at a gas station and asked. Got a decent B&B that was just around the corner.

What the decor lacked, the view made up for.
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