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Day 7. Red Bay to ferry to st Anthony

After a good night sleep, I woke up at 430 again. Didn't have breakfast til 7 so just laid there enjoying the warm and hoping the ferry wouldn't be full. I was early in the season, so I wasn't too worried.

The B&B lady made good breakfast - 2 eggs and toast. She wasn't much of a talker and, coming from me, that's saying something. Loaded up and headed out. Wasn't to cold but the wind started to pick up once I climbed out of REd Bay.

Ran along to coast for awhile, saw a couple more bergs, topped off with gas, got a couple strange looks from locals

And made it to the ferry.

Was nice not to really have to push today.

not really sure what this is about. I didn't see the driver, so I can't confirm anything.

On the Ferry.

I found a seat in a quiet section until the bus load of Canadian Rangers moved in. I guess its like the Boy Scouts, but with girls. Good kids, just a little noisy.

So I moved downstairs and got a second proper ADV breakfast. Bacon, Sausage and coffee

Called home and talked to the wife. Was good to hear her voice. Today was my son's actual birthday day, but he's already had 3 parties so I think he'll be fine.

Got off the Ferry and headed to L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site It was a very windy ride up the coast and fought it all the way up.

Finally made it to the historic site.

Turned out that today was the first day it was open for the year!!

Found out the Pistolet Bay campground was closed so headed to St Anthony to eat and find a place to stay. Called around and landed in a nice b&b for $65. Not bad for a hotel quality and breakfast. I highly recommend the Trailsend B&B

Saw a road on the map for old American base so road out to find it. Led up to the cell tower that had excellent view of the bay and more ice ergs.

Headed back unloaded did some bike maint and worked on the plan for the rest of the trip. Turns out the ferry from Argentia to NS didn't start running until later June, so I needed to figure out how to get back and forth across the island and still do something else besides sit on the bike.
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