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Originally Posted by elmontanero View Post
Any idea what they did? My YSS is 'weavy' on the front end. Especially when there's gear in the panniers.
The suspension tech basically grabbed the rear rack while the other guy held the handlebars (so the bike didn't fall over) and moved the rear up and down to demonstrate how much travel was used with just the weight of the bike with panniers (too much) then moved it up and down with light pressure (demonstrating the lack of low speed damping) and the up and down much harder showing the high speed damping was working.

He adjusted the comp and rebound repeating that test until he was happy.

I'm going to re-measure the sag with the panniers on, as I am pretty sure every other time they were off. The add pre-load to adjust back to spec
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Originally Posted by Stagehand
your bike is suitably dirty. Well done.
So I sold my GS and went shopping for a G/S!
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