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Not PC and I might get flamed by some but it was late in the afternoon, getting hot, there was no shade anywhere. Dean and I each had an extremely warm and foamy beer left from last night in our packs. It was the best warm beer I ever had. We were in the middle of nowhere at the intersection of 2 gravel roads and hadn't seen anyone for several hours. Apparently the road we were about to cross was the main road through the middle of nowhere because we saw about half dozen vehicles fly by after we cracked our beers. I suspect Canadians can smell a pilsner from miles away.
I see nothing wrong with this.

1 beer (or even 2) is not going to turn you into an inebriated homicidal vehicular menace to the polite society on the roads. Unless of course you weigh 40lbs. I suspect you're sporting a bit more than that.
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