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Originally Posted by rtwpaul View Post
the porosity (holes) in that weld make it very weak and prone to fracture very quickly, looks like no welding gas was used when this was done as i see a stick welded laying on the floor? Try and seek out a Mig or Tig welder if possible, i understand where you are but for your own safety I would suggest it be rewelded and stongley braced otherwise you will be doing it over and over again for the rest of your journey
Well spotted, he used an arc welder. I'm kicking myself that I didn't find a good MIG welder to do the job. Osh is a surprisingly big place and maybe there is one around but I'm told once a welder becomes good at his job they leave and go to Russia to earn the bigger bucks. The jobs effectively done now and I risk doing more damage if I cut it away and re-weld, so what I'll do is re-weld it if/when it fractures and brace it all up then. Bishkek & Almaty aren't that far away so I'll be able to re-do it there if need be. Thanks for the tips, I'll put this down as a learning experience for next time.
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