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Originally Posted by Mr_Snips View Post
It depends on where you want to adventure...If your looking to go ride single track all over the world...1200cc aint the right bike, with that said if you want to connect all those trails with super slab and some fast roads than 450 aint really happy either.

It all burns down to the old saying there is no one tool for every job.

Well said, after 11 years on my XR650R on the same top and bottom end. I got the 990r for two up rides. if I am not in a rush I can go any place on the xr. down side on the free way 63 mph feel ok and I can blast up to 100 mph but I feel bad running for hours at high rpm. with the 990r I can ride anyplace at 80 mph not feel bad ride 80% of the same stuff. slower in the tight stuff but I can do it.
Like most things in life compromise.

Make me a 800cc sub 300lbs 100 rwhp bike with a low first, second and a tall 6th. that would be sweet!
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