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The wait is coming to a close

There really isn't much to do in Osh, which is a good thing because we don't feel guilty for not doing anything while we wait for the parts. We're on holidays, so we've been sitting around getting fat.

There is a bazaar which can wile away a couple of hours. We bumped into a Swiss guy that we met in Bishkek, who we got into trouble with the police because we unwittingly parked in the driveway to the presidential palace to have a chat.

The locals got a little too friendly with Patty

mmm yum

We wondered whether we could watch a chicken grow up in the time it took to repair the bike

This guy grabbed me for a photo. The health authorities in Oz wouldn't allow meat to hang in the 35 degree heat but it looks fresh to me

Patty picked up a new dress for $7 - that's my kinda shopping, the cheap kind. When she asked to try it on they took her to the dressing room, a shipping container that had people sleeping in it. They didn't budge when she went in to get changed She's a stunner

The french people that I mentioned in an earlier post carrying two GS's in their truck were still at the guesthouse waiting for an 800kg gearbox to arrive from Germany. They'd been at the guesthouse for 5 weeks going out of their minds but finally the parts arrived and were fitted.

Their truck was a behemoth amongst trucks. 4.1m high

5.4m when the sleeping cabin is lifted

Did you know in france they don't call french toast, french toast - in france it's called old bread.

In my earlier post I may not have been entirely clear. Jack Lilley at first didn't want to sell us the parts because of the crack but after we sent them more photos and explained the situation they helped us out. We exchanged quite a few emails to get everything that was needed and they responded quickly each time. They've been a big help, easy to talk to and helped with the invoicing I'll definitely be using them again in the future.

Once we ordered the parts it took 5 working days for them all to arrive.

A Brit (Mark) got some welding done on the chassis of his well thought out Landy.

The welding was done next to a backyard abbatoir. While we waited 4 cows were unloaded and we were asked if we wanted Shishlek for lunch. I said no, as tempting as it was. Nothing was wasted.

Dinner with some new friends

I put a message up on the HUBB asking if there was anyone flying from UK to Kyrgyzstan and we received a response from Sambor who organises tours in Bishkek saying that his friend was coming on Sunday and that he would get back to us. We waited but in our impatience we went ahead and booked it with DHL Osh, who quoted $200 less than if it was arranged through the UK DHL. It's not the usual way of doing it and it does have its risks but we figured if we paid them they would be more willing to help us with the customs taxes.

After two days of waiting for the box to be picked up we called DHL UK to see if they had received instructions from our DHL. Nothing. This made us nervous because now it wouldn't allow us enough time to get out of Kazakhstan before our visa expired, and the Kazakh embassy in Bishkek recently 'closed until further notice' so extending it wasn't an option

Shortly after booking the delivery with DHL Sambor got back to us with his friends details and we thought 'why not give it a shot'. At 8:00 Saturday morning Sambor's friend, Andrew emailed us and said he was flying that day at 13:00. In a mad hurry we organised a courier to pick up the package and meet Andrew at the airport. So many 'what if's' started whirling through my head. There were so many things that could go wrong - what if the courier didn't make it, what if the flight wouldn't allow the excess baggage, what if it got left behind at the airport. It was a very nervous few hours but one hour before the flight we got a call saying everything was ok and the box was on the plane.

7:00 this morning Sambor called me to tell me he'll arrange for a taxi to deliver the parts to me in Osh. The online community is amazing and I don't know how I can ever repay the two of them, but especially Andrew, for bringing the package from the UK.

The parts should get here this afternoon and then the fun begins
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