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Originally Posted by grant22 View Post
I don't understand 690's. Not knocking them, but doesn't a 525/530/500 exc do the same thing? For less? Maybe a tad slower? Excuse my ignorance on this one.

A friend of mine thinks with the 1190 coming to the states that there'll be a new lighter v-twin adv bike from ktm. One that will split the difference between the 500 and 1190. Something like an 800 adv.

I wouldn't mind if they did.
Right, a smaller V-twin would be very cool.
Have you ridden a 525/530 on the highway? Not the whole world is single track. I've ridden the 525 and it nearly crippled me ... as bad as the 640.
The 690 by contrast is quite smooth up to about 80 mph. After that vibes creep in. The 690 is also gear taller ... so better road bike. But you pay some extra weight.
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