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Originally Posted by Tumbleweed ADV View Post
Large adventure bikes....small adventure bikes...all share theme: adventure.
"Adventure" these days has broad definitions. Small and large bikes provide a very different sort of experience, IMO. Call it what you will.

Originally Posted by Tumbleweed ADV View Post
Are adventure bikes 1000+ cc becoming TOURING on road bikes while bikes sub 700 cc are heading BACK COUNTRY for off road thrills and spills?

As I read more and more ride reports, it seems to me I find more people riding on machines that are sub 700cc in size...especially world travelers and those who are traveling solo...
the trend towards smaller bikes among RTW travelers is not new ... and the fact is much smaller bikes than 700cc ones have been in play for years. More and more guys riding 250's, some bought locally, some bought "In Country" somewhere as Indian and Chinese bikes are endemic throughout the "3rd World". And how many riding buddies or ADV members have cashed in the R1200GS for a DR650, KLR, DRZ400, WR250 ... or some other Anvil reliable generic Jap bike?

Originally Posted by Tumbleweed ADV View Post
Can a smaller, lighter bike replicate some of the comfort values I appreciated in my big BMW? That has been my goal in setting up my KTM 690 Enduro. This summer I am working to duplicate the positive features of my larger bike.
I think you're doing the right thing. Do the best you can ... but your 690 will never be an 1150GS on a 12 hour day running 90 mph carrying 150 lbs. of gear.

As you travel more I'm guessing you'll fine tune and alter your desires for bikes and travel style. Clearly, if doing more off road and exploring in the 3rd world ... the 690 is good.

I would look at what successful RTW riders are riding ... copy them!
Or just take off ... see how you do! Once out of the USA I have a feeling you're priorities will change ... and your race bike may start seeming a little ridiculous for where your going, your pace and conditions your riding in. When a local on a 125 in Flip Flop passes you in a mud rut ... well, then you know your bike is too big! (been there, had that exact thing happen! )
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