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Originally Posted by ADVBMR View Post
...I remember how uncomfortable I felt waiting for the oncoming to clear so I could turn left.
Yeah, I hate that. There have been times when I just went on down the road a bit & found a place, a break in traffic, & made a U-turn. Don’t want to be a sittin’ duck. A sittin’ Duc?

Friar Mike reminded me of this one last year.
Originally Posted by friar mike View Post
Or in front of my shop when a semi is running up your ASS right Tom
Originally Posted by Tom S View Post
Yeah. Really gotta watch your six when having to sit & wait for traffic so you can make a left. Hate that.
Heavy oncoming traffic. Big truck comin’ from way behind me. Now I see his back tires smokin’, gettin’ a little crossed up.
ZOOM! Up the road I go to make a U-turn.

Surprised you remembered that. I must have told a good story.
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