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Well, some impressions after a 550 km tour: my Adv2011 runs smoothly, takes the revs faster, and now I'm able to drive in 6th gear at a speed of 50 km/h (more or less 35mph) with a sort of ease, like the IICeAir added a couple of cylinders to my bike, and I' don't want to say that running at or slightly below 1750rpm is my preferred way to drive, but now I can cross limit zones with no problems.
It is possible also that my bike drinks a half a liter less every hundred kilometers, but I cannot state this for sure. For sure, I'm waiting the Cool!
Ah, one more: installing it requires more time to choose where to place and how the Air, because of the lack of an appropriate space in the frame, than the time needed to unscrew the six screws and unplug the sensor and set again everything.
My best compliments, Poolside, and thanks for the time you devoted to develop that idea.
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