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Originally Posted by Mastercylinder View Post
Hey, rebelpacket
Way back in 2009, My wife and I rode 2 Ural Patrols from the Owens Valley, CA. to the start of the ALCAN Hwy to the Arctic Circle via the Dalton Hwy and back with 2 dogs. The dogs loved it and I developed a great respect for the Ural dependability during that trip. They are slow, but built tough. I was told I was just lucky that nothing happened to the Urals since they are a piece of crap. But hey, I guess everyone has their opinion.

Most excellent! That is a lot of miles with the pooches.

I think most of the reliability stuff is based on the early 90's imports that (even when brand new) ate alternators and gears. The 2007 and up machines are pretty rock solid. There is a guy with over 400,000 miles on one of his rigs.
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