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Hybrid Happy Trail-Wolfman luggage.

I started digging through the luggage option as soon as we got the Tiger, and just could not find anything I was really happy with. I wanted pretty big boxes as for Mala Bunny and I this bike serves as our 2up ride. At the same time I did not want the setup to be enormous. We are a dealer for HT products, and we have 2 sets on a Yami WR250R and a BMW X-Country, and we have been pretty happy with them. Their durable, well thought out and simple.

What turned me off to the HT complete system for the Tiger was the width, (2) 9" HT boxes on HT racks ends up being 42" wide total, and we wanted bigger boxes. On the 2 bikes we have them on HT has always made asymmetrical racks that stick out farther on the exhaust side and are tucked in tight on the opposite side.So we have always mixed and matched box sizes to give a balance of maximum space while staying as compact as possible, as seen here:

But for the Tiger HT made the racks symmetrical, so the left side sticks out just as far as the exhaust side. Hmm, what to do, seems like a waste of space. I looked at all the options and nothing really did it for me. So I started leaning toward using Wolfman Racks and 2 different size HT boxes. That evolved into using 2 boxes the same size and modifying the exhaust side to wrap around the exhaust. While we're at it, let's make some threaded inserts to weld on the racks to eliminate the upper pucks. Here's the finished product, and I am SUPER happy with the results. BTW, these are 10" wide boxes, and the total width ended up at 39 & 1/2 inches!

Big thanks to my welder buddy Alan who helped make it happen, the man is an artist!
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