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OK...back from vacation and back to business...

Short commercial break...if you're ever in the Lake George area with your family and you're looking for that perfect Adirondack Lodge vibe with lots of food and the nicest staff ever...try Canoe Island Lodge...the place is phenomenal and your kids will love you for bringing them there. The owners, Tom and Karla, give every indication of being genuinely great people and Tom's a bike guy so that helps if you're like me and family fun is a lot like torture. I spent my days hoping Tom would let me fix something or put me to work in the garage changing the oil in a tractor or fixing a golf cart. He's a BMW and Harley guy, but don't get him started on his Vespa scooter...he may seem like a "Rocker", but he might just be a "Mod" at heart...I think he really loves this thing. He let me take the scooter for a spin and I could feel myself succumbing to it's dark power...step-thru chassis, plush seat, clutch-less accelleration, and surprisingly fast 300cc's like your 10 years old and riding your minibike all over again...but without getting electrocuted every time you try to shut it off with that shitty little metal tab that grounds out the spark plug (some of you know what I'm talking about)...I could feel myself turning to the Dark voice sounding just a little bit more like James Earl Jones...somewhere in the distance I heard the Imperial March...these things are just silly fun...but be careful...there's no known cure once you're hooked...I've seen the hardest 1%er go all Rip Taylor over a canary yellow Vespa with a big-bore kit and a pipe...I swear its true. So I promptly returned it before my transformation could become irreversible. The same thing happens everytime I drive a rental minivan. Anyways, great people, great food, phenomenal surroundings...not enough bike guys to talk please book a room for the 4th week of July next year and bring your bike...we can ditch our families after breakfast and go riding in the Adirondacks every day.

BTW...Adirondack Ural is closed...bummer...I was looking forward to visiting them in Chestertown.

OK...OK...I apologize for the paid commercial endorsement...back to Day 3, Nebraska, and gale force winds. Not much more to was sucked...we pressed on. At one point, however, Mike started yelling through the headset...a sudden crosswind had blown his tankbag clear off the tank and it was trailing behind like a kite in a windstorm. The only thing that kept it from being lost completely was the little safety strap tied to the bars. It was flapping in the wind wildly and he was trying to wrestle it into submission at 70mph while also maintaining the 30 degree angle needed to continue in a straight line on the highway. We pulled over and regrouped. I've had that magnetic tankbag for 20 years and I've never had it even move - let alone take flight. The winds were fierce.

The winds eventually subsided as we neared the Colorado border.
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