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OK...rebooted and ready to rock.

Air temperatures hovering around 100...tarmac temperatures considerably higher...and me dressed from head to toe in black...even my helmet. Rookie mistake. The temp gauge on the GS was reading 1 bar higher than normal...still in the middle of the range, but a little warmer than usual nonetheless. I imagine that I was sweating pretty good, but through the magic of high altitude and low humidity, any moisture was evaporating just about as quickly as I could make it. I suspected that we might be dehydrating as we rode - my suspicions would be confirmed later in the evening.

After our less than plush accomodations at the Motel 666 in Adaire the night before, I was looking to step things up for our first night in Colorado. I searched the gPS and found a Hampton Inn in Golden...three soft pillows...icy cold AC...a down comforter...and right at the foothills of the Rockies....PERFECT! Too bad it was still a few hot, dusty hours least we had something to look forward to.
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