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Originally Posted by Seth S
Well here are some pics of the skid plate a friend custom built for me prior to my Transamtrail trip last summer. I have some friends who would like one and we are trying to figure out how to make them less expensive, better, and more efficiently. This one was a one off and cost about $400, but it took the weight of the bike on several hits and never had any troubles.

oh, and the underside looks so rough because we were not paying attention when we were plasma cutting the shape and accidently put the rough side down. This plate was made from a used rally skid plate...hence the roughness.

If we could get the price down to the $250 to $300 range what would the interest be? Stock mounting points....1/4" aluminum underneath with 1/8" wings. I removed the neutral safety switch on mine for more coverage but it could be designed to work with stock switch. The white post is a delrin bushing.

Once you get your new price and final Rev. Please contact me. Also I need to get something before spring or 5-1-06. I would prefure to buy sometime in March.

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