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Back on the highway, two riders speeding along at 70 mph in the hot late afternoon mind is racing...why is the clutch not working? I checked the master cylinder and it was full...checked the slave cylinder and no sign of leakage. Could it possibly be related to the heat? It's not THAT hot...I hear tell of BMWs running the length of Africa without issues. Could it be the altitude? Shouldn't's a sealed system. Moisture in the fluid boiling due to the heat and high altitude? Water boils at lower temps at high altitudes...

I was struggling with this one. I replayed everything I've ever read or learned about hydraulics...Mike and I discussed at length...he's a mechanical engineer...he should know something...still no answers...I should've travelled with someone who went to a better college. I decided my time was better spent deciding what I was going to do when we hit Denver with no clutch. The shifting wasn't overly problematic...a little blip of the throttle during downshifts and the bike seemed happy enough. Red lights and traffic were the challenge. I figured I could slow down well in advance and manage to keep moving in first gear unless things came to a complete stop. Lane splitting was an option, but its a bit sketchy and MIke was following me...I'd rather not be the reason he gets clipped in traffic by a truck. If I hit a red light that simply refused to turn green, I figured I'd roll up in first gear, hit the kill switch, stop the bike, and shift to neutral. Once the light turns green, if there's no downhill, I could start it in neutral and then I'd have to undertake the embarassing push-start in traffic to get the bike rolling fast enough for a shift to 1st gear without stalling. It wouldn't be pretty in full gear with a fully loaded bike on a 100 degree day, but I was confident that I could do it and it would beat having the bike towed. I had a plan so I felt pretty good about my chances of making it to the hotel.

A quick google search on the iPhone for the nearest BMW dealer (yes, while I was riding) yielded two dealers in the Denver area, but it was Sunday so neither one was going to be much help. No choice but to press on to the hotel.

We hit Denver and traffic was mercifully light. We merged onto I70 and headed west. I "cali-rolled" a few stop signs, missed the entrance to the hotel, flipped a u-turn, and pulled in without use of the clutch. It was a bit tense, but we finally arrived.

We checked in, cranked up the AC, unloaded the bikes, and crashed on down-filled comforters...I love the Hampton Inn. Don't judge me.

This was the 3rd night in a row where we managed to rent a single room for 2 guys without being asked "1 bed or 2?". I was going to lose the bet on that one for sure. I made a mental note to put my arm around Mike and kiss him on the head at the next check-in...

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