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We're in Colorado! The idea was nearly lost due to the challenges of the day, but here it was Sunday evening and we were in Colorado! Hooray! Time to celebrate with a couple cold beers and a big ass steak. We regroup, change into shorts and t-shirts, and try to find someplace to celebrate our accomplishments. I checked with Trip Advisor and, while there were a couple restaurants within walking distance, there was a highly recommended steak place just 2 miles down the road. just changed out of your hot sweaty riding gear after a 12 hour day on the're rocking shorts, a t shirt, and sneakers...the restaurant is a scant 2 miles's getting late...

"So, should we ride the bikes?"

"I dunno...I don't really feel like putting my riding gear back on"

"It's only surface streets...a 4 minute ride...really"

"I guess we can just be really careful"

"I'm game if you are...we'll just be really careful"

"OK...let's roll"

"Hey, you know Colorado doesn't have a helmet law..."
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