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Will let you know, I see your posts in the Raleigh, Fayetteville thread..will hit you up when you return back..I will be living, smack dap in the middle of Pinehurst on #1..and will be riding into work when weather can probably answer a question I have about riding in on Morgonton rd rather than is dirt for about 15 miles I nasty does it get?

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Wrangler, what spurs the move to Pinehurst area? Let me know when you get up that way and I'll show you around. It really is a great area.

I did a short ride yesterday to explore some old cemeteries buried in the woods. I was severely mistaken about the terrain here. You guys have all the loose sand that my neck of NC has, and you have the added bonus of wet red clay. After nearly crashing for the 5th time, I decided to head back to the hardball. I have a lot to learn about wrestling a 400lb dual sport around in the sand and slip, and learning it in the middle of nowhere without anyone around or even knowing where I was riding didn't seem like a smart idea.

I did find one neat bit of history though. A copperhead sighting right at the entrance to this kept me from exploring too much.

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