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Originally Posted by CordR View Post
Thanks, Cyborg. Your pics and info would be helpful.
I've seen a lot of people discuss it, but I haven't seen anyone come back and say ok, I bought it, here are the results, etc....
Hi Cord, my TrailTech "KTM" dirtbike map switch came in this weekend.

I checked the ohms on the switch setting and this is what it reads:

Stock = open/infinity (which is 690: 0 = Poor Fuel = open/infinity)
Mild = 14.9 Kohm (same as 690)
Wild = 6.8 Kohm (same as 690)

Compare to the underseat map switch:

0 = Poor Fuel = open/infinity
1 = Soft(Mild) = 14.9 Kohm
2 = Advanced(Wild) = 6.8 Kohm
3 = Standard = 4.7 Kohm

Based on that the TT switch would give you 3 of the 4 maps:

0 = Poor Fuel = open/infinity
1 = Soft = 14.9 Kohm
2 = Advanced(Wild) = 6.8 Kohm

and you would lose

3 = Standard = 4.7 Kohm

I took the switch apart and it unfortunately does not lend itself mechanically to changing the "Stock"/open position to one with resistance.

The resistors can be changed to give you any 2 of the 690 1,2,3 maps but the TT switch will always have the 3rd position (Stock) at the 690 "0" map.

Not worth the effort and I will be returning the TT map switch. Probably the easiest is what Noah mentioned, moving the underseat rotary switch up to the front, since it's only 2 wires.

However being an electronics eng geek, I'll may still consider building an easier to use custom switch up front, or maybe not...
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