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Originally Posted by mwood7800 View Post
I would like to see how you get more than 100 amps outa the little plug on the side. Much less 400
Is that what you would like to see? You think I'm selling snake oil, or muffler bearings? Well you will see it and then you may say something like. "Well I'll be a monkey's uncle" or "Hot damn, that fella at Antigravity Batteries wasn't pulling my leg"

We are going to do a vid on Wednesday showing what it will do.. to be honest it isn't really as impressive when we talk about it on a website.... At the Laguna MotoGP everyone was utterly floored by it because they saw it in person, and held it and saw it charging stuff, we sold out what we brought in the first two days...

I think the video will nail the point home after we flip the Ducati 3 times in a row at ten seconds long each time then go over to the 4.0 litre Toyota V6 and flip it over another 10 times with no assist from the battery... just connecting to the Toyotas cables directly to my little Micro-Start.

I'll post up again soon...

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