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Originally Posted by Steve in NZ View Post
leave the standard bulb in. I had a bigger bulb and helped shag the on/off switch. try these
the kit supplies the whole shooting match. I got the euros.
bloody great. 10 watts each a side .75 amps email me if ya want pics of them fitted
Fitting big bulbs without relays and heavy wire will cook all sorts of things.

The LEDs are nice, but at 900 lumens they put out less than a 55 watt halogen. For $35 you can get some cheap halogen driving lights that will do the same thing. Of course the LED draw very little juice so you can run more of them. But they are very expensive so that get to be a very expensive proposition, fast.

These give 8200 lumens from 90 watts. That's two and a half times what my 130watt high beam puts out. (3250 lumens)
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