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Congrats for your bike!!!

Could you tell us L/100 in your short trip?/QUOTE] be honest I didn't really pay attention that much. I was in a big rush. I tanked mostly when my range dropped to about 50-70km, then I could only fill around 16-18l so about 7-5L was still left. I think I got about 300k's out of it. Once out off France and in Spain I was pushing 150-160! so I'm pretty happy with the consumption.

I do think there are a few downsides to the bike I so if anybody has some suggestions regarding these please feel free to share...

At the end of the ride my right wrist muscles were hurting quite a bit and ended up pretty bad tendinitis a few days later ! I think because with the electronic throttle it's harder to keep it in the same place like conventional throttle and you end up forcing your grip.

I read that a few riders found that the engine was putting out a lot of heat and I can say the same! It was a 35 day on the french riviera and I had to ride with my leg a bit spread open (nice sight!) to stop sweating. In traffic jams and waiting at the toll stations the oil creeped up to 95 and then with the fan blowing it gets really, really hot. Don't think i'll complain in the winter about this but I'll might have to make some carbon heat shields too. Also the seat is not as comfy as I wished it was and on day 2 I was constantly shifting around

I find that the engine does have a fair amount of vibrations under 4000-4500rpm even in 3rd but once above that all hell brakes loose:)

Any suggestions for a softer seat? Has anybody bought the two piece seat wich is, if I understand correctly, a gel seat?

Other than that it's a beauty. I'm starting to prepare for a little round S.America trip next year

It's mine:)

Ready for a day in the rain

Home...sort off
I just finished a 2 day 800km tour or northern CZ. First real chance I had to test the gel seat I bought from KTM. Real difference versus the standard seat. I have to recommend. Since it was 40degrees I didnt have a chance to test the heating on it, but Im sure Ill have plenty of oppurtunity this fall. So if your rear is aching from long rides, opt for the gel seat.
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