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Bloody headache!

Originally Posted by basketcase View Post
Wow, I'm glad to know you are on the mend as we say over here. Meningitis is not an ailment with which to trifle.

I had Malaria in 2006 after a trip to Myanmar (Burma) and the treatments were awful. How did you discover the Meningitis, if you don't mind a momentary detour from the story line?
Hey "Basketcase",

The symptoms came in the form of a splitting headache that just didn't go away, ever.

Because I was working at sea, I had to wait until we returned to port in Darwin, Northern Territory 3 days after the headache started...

The doctor I went too did a CT scan of my head/skull/brain and at looking at them said (and I quote!) "Ty it is a very unremarkable CT scan of your brain".

Being one to think of quick come backs a few days later, I surprised myself with a immediate reply of "We'll mate, I could of told you that before you looked in there."

He prescribed me strong Pannadol and some Voltarin anti-inflammatories and sent me on my way and back out to sea.

Being a hairy arsed bloke I dealt with the pain (the prescribed drugs did nothing to ease the symptoms) thinking, 'She'll be right tomorrow' and 'Just one more week of work and I'm back on the bike'. Stupid, considering I just knew something wasn't right.

At our next port call, and still crippled with the headache, I was taken to the Royal Darwin Hospital. There I was admitted immediately and soon after, a spinal tap/lumber puncture revealed I had spinal-cranial pressure of "58" An average adult has a usual pressure of between 20-30! I almost set a Northern Territory record with the largest ever seen before of 62...! The hospital staff couldn't figure out how I had walked in...

The 3 doctors doing the lumbar puncture freaked once the needle found its mark in my spine and the preassurized goo came rushing at them.

I was put in isolation for weeks until I stabilized.

On my release I shocked the specialist team by asking them if "was it alright that I could get back on the motorbike and continue my travels?" My answer was a chorused "No!!!"

The thirst for riding and adventure had increased being bedridden for so long...

Again I can't thank the medical staff in that hospital enough. Wonderful, wonderful people.
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