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Father and son road trip ride.

As with most out there that ride, we have have someone to thank. Someone that encouraged us, persevered with us and gave us ultimately the gift and thrill of riding a motorcycle.

Mine is my dad.

Yeap, that's me and the old man, way back when? About 1978-79...
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I've had the pleasure of sitting up front or tucked in behind him all my childhood ingraining the enjoyment to be had on a motorcycle. Once old enough and enough pocket money was saved, then I got my own!

For some strange reason we haven't ridden at all together since those early days. Sure we tested each others new bikes once purchased and brought around to each others place to show off but that's about it.

Dads BMW road tourer needed a service up in Canberra so it was without hesitation that we would turn it into a small father and son road trip as I was heading back up and over the Snowy Mountains for the next leg of my adventure.

Now it was cool riding with Hydro previously but this was something different. We took off inland into the chilly hills from Eden and cruised the twisting back roads and highways. Dad had me giggling often, putting his cruise control on, sliding back to his rear pillion seat, looking all comfortable and waving casually to the amazed car occupants as he over took them with his "invisible rider" if I wasn't laughing so hard or battling to catch him up I would of got some classic footage!

Brown Mountain
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Fred Piper Lookout
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My mates always hassle me for having a clean, organized shed. I got it from my dad, everything he owns is spotless and polished to an inch of its life! He'll be happy when he sees his bike gleaming here...
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A rare one of me and the bike together. My intention was to go inside and express some personal opinions but this is as close as the Federal Police Officer would let me...
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After over-nighting in Canberra we rode up and stayed up at Adaminaby. Whatever ever you do, don't stay at the "Snowy Mountains Motel! It cost me an absolute fortune! This was made even more painful when we rode down the road for dinner at the awesome and very bike friendly "Snow Goose Hotel/Motel" and they told us of their cheap room prices including breakfast and lock up bike storage!
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It was so cold in the morning that both of our bikes batteries couldn't start their engines! I was certain that all fluids within my bike were now solid! The look of horror on dads face was concerning. He is a very proud BMW owner and the realization that his ever reliable German machine wasn't interested in going anywhere almost had him in a tail spin...

We stuck both of them out to defrost with the heat of the rising sun. Once thawed they came to life again. Dad noticeably happier!
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The Giant Trout, Adaminaby.
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Unfortunately we parted ways here, dad back down the mountain to the family home in Eden and me further into the intriguing (for a West Australian) snow country...
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