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I think adventure touring is all about compromise. What are you willing to give up for what you want and how your going to ride and where.

Another thought is with the 950/990 as your skill improves and are willing to commit the bike becomes lighter in a sense. Ok its still heavy but if your ride it like a dirt bike and are willing to and able to I don't think there is any better bike out there.

As soon as you pucker up it changes everything in a negative sense. The thing is the consequences can be so bad with the big ktm. I always trying to improve my skill level and find myself doing things I never would have years ago but also keep the mind set and talk to myself to remind me what I am riding and doing so I try to keep maybe ten percent back from the limit giving me a little cushion as these bikes go from feeling light to heavy really fast.

So what if I have to go a little slower in the technical stuff anyways. I am not racing I am out to enjoy my bike.

For a one do it all you couldn't take this bike and there is no better!
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