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With that said - I tip my hat to KLR650 and DR650 owners who have the stamina to tour on big singles. Ironically - based on my recent and admittedly limited experience with the DR650 - the WR250R is a much more civilized and suitable touring machine.
Interesting observations on 650 vs 250.

I'm very interested in the WR250R but have just one concern about a 250 engine making this much power: longevity of the motor. How many miles do those things last before needing a valve job or rings/pistons or cylinder redone? Many highly-stressed dirt-bike engines like this need a rebuild by 15 or 20 thousand miles. No so with a DR650, which is a very under-stressed engine.

I have owned both the KLR650 and DR650 for many years. Never felt vibration was a problem with either, although I much prefer the DR650 over the KLR650. The DR is smoother, simpler, lighter, better off-road, bulletproof, trouble-free and lasts just as long as the KLR.
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