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Agree and Disagree...

Originally Posted by nomad guy View Post
One needs to remember that the "Adventure" segment is mainly a genius marketing branding tool that makes us keep spending our money... What you are seeing are trends dictated by the marketing departments.
The adventure is in your head not with our constant chase for the perfect "Adventure" bike and the perfect "Adventure" gear.
I so totally agree with your last line...spoken perfectly. Yet, completely disagree with your first.

Adventure is not an ad marketing creation AT ALL. This travel concept is very "Old World"... pack up a raincover, gunnysack and some jerky... and go explore the world.

Modern international marketing now simply affords us MANY choices... " Would you like it small, medium or SUPERSIZED"? And with choice, often times comes indecision.

Getting back to your best point... Make the best out of what you've got!

A tall person may walk further, a short person may walk less... yet the one who finds the most challenging experience is only the one who longs for it.
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