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As we stood there in the parking lot...laughing deliriously at our current predicament...wondering how we managed to get ourselves into this condition on just a couple of beers, it was getting darker and darker. I also noticed that the parking spot I had nosed into was on an incline and I would have to push the bike backwards up-hill to get out of there. I don't know if you've ever ridden a GSA, but the sheer height of the thing means not a lot of boot is touching the ground...even worse in sneakers. So walking it uphill...backwards...astride, in my current condition, seemed implausible at very best. That leaves pushing it out of the parking spot as the remaining option and I was having enough trouble balancing on my own...let alone pushing the bike and not dumping it onto the asphalt. More time for quiet contemplation...followed by foolish laughter and brave rhetoric like "God hates a coward" and "Watch this!"
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