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Originally Posted by WimDH View Post
Hey Johan,

Glad all is OK there..

How was you hotel? Can you share the name of the hotel and the quality?
I'm also planning a stop in Kandalaksha..

Drive safe.
Not entirely sure about the name, but its a few kms outside of Kandalaksha on the road towards Umba, you go up a hill and a little more then halfway up the hill there is an exit to the right.

Not alot of people since its more of a ski place with a slope and a lift so low season for them when its motorcycle season:

A quite big log building.

Originally Posted by motoreiter View Post
Well if you're caught speeding you are generally welcome to pay the official fine, but often the police will allow you to settle matters on the spot. I'd actually call it more of a convenience than a problem, but the best solution is not to speed. Most important DO NOT pass where there is solid line, they love nailing drivers for that...
Yes they are very anal about the solid lines even if there is a military convoy moving at walking pace russian drivers will wait until the solid line ends before passing ....we didnt wait, well some passed on the wrong side when there was a great gravel area big enough but more on that later.

No problems at any time with any police for us at least.

Back home by now and have written some on the blog.

More once I have worked through the 500GB of videos.

Have changed name, was previously Dirty950 (under construction)
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