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Originally Posted by triumph406 View Post
Hannah was 9th in Race 1 and 3rd in race 2, Rick Johnson was 1st in races 2 and 3, and Jeff Ward was 3rd in races 1 and 3. Hannah did OK, but not better than his teammates.
Man, you're a good Google searcher but had you proceeded to complete your homework like a good boy you might have learned there was more to the "1st Des Nations held in the USA" than your feeble post. The legions of fans that attended the inaugural event would differ in your opinion that Hannah did OK.

Here is an excerpt from Dirt Rider:

"It was a turning point in motocross history.Team USA had won six straight when the event rolled around to Unadilla, New York, in í87. It was the first time the Motocross des Nations would touch down on U.S. soil, and the AMA put Bob Hannah on a 125 (he hadnít ridden one for 5 years), Rick Johnson on a 250 and Jeff Ward on a 500. Of all the tracks in America, Unadilla was one of the riskier choices to host the Motocross des Nations. It was a wide-open, natural-terrain track, the type more common to the World GPs, on which the European racers had more experience. And to set favor even further toward the Europeans, it rained for two days prior to the race. It would be a muddy mess.The first moto lined the 125s with the 500s and the gate dropped. Ward had his goggles blown off in the first turn, and Hannah got hit twice by 500s attempting to scream his 125 up a steep hill. Team USA riders seemed to have everything turning against them-but they still had one advantage: Nearly 20,000 spectators, pushing in against the fences, cheered the Americans back into contention. Ward managed to hang with Jobeís and Kees Van der Venís mud- and rock-spitting 500s. And Hannah-in the deep mud, on a hilly track, on an unfamiliar bike, against the best in the world-started picking off riders each lap, many on bikes quadruple the displacement of his. When the checkered flag dropped, Ward finished third in the 500 class, and Hannah had managed an amazing fourth in the 125s. Team USA sat in third overall.In the second of three motos, Johnson walked away from Europeís best mud riders. Those who were there say he made it look easy. Hannah had a midpack start but charged. He passed all but Johnson and Eric Geboers that day, taking the 125 class victory, and incredibly was the third rider across the finish line.Johnson and Ward went out for the final moto of the day and wrapped up the overall victory for Team USA. A moment in history was made, and the people who were there have no vague memories of it.
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