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the first turn is accessible to anyone. there is only so much fence footage though so getting a good spot will require getting to one of the moto's early enough to beat the mob. once the start is over it's really not much of a spot to be at so it will thin out. keep in mind you are on the outside of the turn and without sounding like a wus it could be a dangerous spot though the chances of a bike getting through/over the femce are slim (but stranger things have happened) and eye protection wouldn't be a bad idea. at least sunglasses. they freaking HAUL ASS around that turn it is an incredible sight you really want to be on the fence with an unobstructed view. Budd Creek turn one has less of a straight coming into it and it's basically a U turn. Southwick is almost less than a 90 degree so again not quite as fast but Unadilla is a bit or a right handed sweeper, probably more than a 90 degree turn into another straight so it really is an unbelieveable display they come fast and they do. not. back. off.

a must see.

then head for sky shot! and the new jump heading back into gravity cavity!

Unadilla in the summer, does not suck...
Once again, Night Flyer comes through with the info. Thanks man!
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