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Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
Cool thanks. I know it's hard sometimes to try to describe techniques. I've read & seen other advice on different bikes however the GS is a lot of mass heading into a corner - I'm not so worried when I'm on my DRZ as it will flick round pretty quick.

I'll head up into the forest & mark a tight corner on an open bit of land & practice.

Stay tuned - My next post will prob be asking where to buy new valve covers

BTW John & Ben are all go for Dakar - just waiting for some sponsorship money.
I had heard he got the nod from ASO- thats really awesome. I'm glad Ben's going as well- that is too damn cool..

I got an email today from Paul who got some work done on the new Frame, with pictures It looks pretty crazy! It looks unlike anything BMW I've ever seen. I'm amazed nad inspired by the creativity.

I thought about it some more, and here it is:

Word on the street is: the BMW's are throttle turners. I've taken that to mean that i drop all the speed I need to before acorner in order that I may begin applying throttle at the begining, and keep adding more as the corner progresses. Techinically I dont want to back off the throttle once I've begun the corner, nor do I want to blip it. It upsets the suspension. I only want to steadily add more once I begin, and the smoother the better. SHed enough speed before the turn so that you can only add more and you should be able to see how early in the corner you can get to full throttle. Too much and hte back end will start to walk around on you, and you'll have to back off to get it behind you again, and its a highside risk, and basically a time loser so thats what I would practice, is learning to throttle all the way through a turn, and how soon I can get to full without the rear wheel coming around. Make sure on nonsealed roads you dont risk your inside leg getting caught behind you.
On a GS, its a toss up whether I am standing or sitting in a corner. the Fast sweepers, or gnarly sandy/uneven terrain I am more likely to stand, and push the bike over, standing on the high side with my knee in the tank.

Lower speed, ie tighter turns I am more likely to sit and do it motocrossstyle, inside leg forward, toes up, and outside elbow really high.

Always eyes up higher down the road than youre used to. Longer sight lines make for smoother riding lines.

Low speed, or Like i said, I never really figured it out properly on the old Rooney special. I've got a pretty good handle on it on my PD, but its far enough away from stock that I dont know how HArdwargrrl said she figured it out. Maybe you could drop her a line

Also, if you could tell me if any of this made sense after you tried it, or if it didnt, and what did actually work for you that would be great, I'd love to hear it.

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