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Jetting the VM30's

Typical jetting process, have tried jets from 200 to 130, multiple needle positions, air screw adjustments, etc. Feel like we finally hit close to the right combo tonight with the following setup;

2.5 cut slide, 6F4 needle on middle clip, 25 pilot, 140 hex jet, 1.25 air screw, float at 24 mm and the most important thing, REMOVED the main air jets. Removing these itty bitty little air jets somehow changes the signal at the jet and for the first time since getting the bike back together was able to make a full throttle second gear start without bogging the engine. Will try riding and testing again tomorrow when fresh and thinking more clearly, but we are getting close.

Big thanks to Luke for the gift of a nice new front tire (and even mounted it for me), picking up jets and plugs and spending hours talking through the setups and lending moral support. Thanks brother!
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