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Fork Reflector Alternatives

Last year I bought a 1981 R100RS to build into a customized daily driver. Since then I've been ridiculously busy with work, but now it's time to start working on the bike! It's overall in great condition, less than 30k original miles, ran superbly, etc. I've removed the fairing and will be fitting a new rear subframe with custom rear suspension and under seat exhaust among a few other things. It should be a really fun project and now that my other bike, a Ducati 1098, has been out of service the past few months I really can't wait to get it back on the road!

This forum has been extremely helpful in helping me find answers to many of the questions I've had already, so thank you all for that! But one thing I have been trying to figure out is this alternative to the reflectors on the front forks. Every once in a while I see pictures of old airheads with the letters BMW on the side of the fork in that area. Having never seen this in person, I'm not sure if it is just some sort of decal that can be placed there, or perhaps it's part of the fork itself? If there is a decal or plaque that I can put there after removing the reflectors, does anyone have a lead on where to find them?

I tried posting an image of it but I'm guessing the forum permissions won't let me because of how few posts I've made. But if you google "deuxieme by moto sumisura", that bike has what I'm describing.

Thank you so much for your help!
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