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Can a lot not be learned from the European and North African rallies? No need to reinvent the wheel.

Some guys are suggesting 3 days racing - that's all well and good but to make it attractive to guys like us in different countries it has to be 6 days racing at least. There is no point in spending the travel money getting over there for 3 days of racing, it's just not worth it. The cost of getting there is the same whether it's 3 days or 9 days etc.

Make it accessible as well. One thing that struck me re the Baja Rally was that the low numbers meant it sold out instantly yet a certain number of spaces were held back for whoever the organisers chose to invite or allow. I enquired about it and was asked to send a "racing resume" to be considered which frankly is a bit insulting for anyone, especially for those who want to try a race for the first time, it would/could put them off right away. It certainly turned me off the Baja Rally. Events need to be welcoming, especially to overseas competitors who are willing to spend the money to get there and support the event.
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