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You need mid-rear sets

Hello Brian, this is mpescatori from the SuzukiSavage Forum, I don't know if you've ever visited but we have TONS of useful (and vital!) information dedicated to the Suzuki Savage.

I personally have a 1988 4-speed which, among things, I have converted to chain drive.
Belt drive is nice and quiet for city riding but if you pick up a pebble on a dirt road the least that can happen is a hole punched right through the belt, or else... the belt may snap in the middle of nowhere...

Also, with chain drive you can easly fiddle with your final drive ratios, i.e. a 17 tooth front sprocket for road and a 15 tooth for dirt roads.
I used to do that with my dirt bikes when I was a teenager (I'm 53 now) OEM #14 replaced with #15 for the road and #13 for dirt.
I even experimented with #12 but #12 4th gear was no better than #15 3rd gear, so riding on the open road was limited to the minimum.

May I suggest you consider fitting mid-controls in order to have your ankles more or less under your hipjoints when riding seated: this allows for much improved control and maneuverability of the bike on dirt/gravel.

Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
If you can handle the riding position, I would definitely go with low bars, I mean really low, like several inches lower, about even with the top of the headlight. The high bars on risers still give it a cruiser look.
I sincerely disagree. If you are to do any dirt riding, you will want your handlebars to give you full control of the bike even when standing on the footpegs (which you won't be able to do unless you fit mid- controls).
Lowering the handlebars with shorter risers will cause you to bend forward, with more and more load on shoulders and wrists rather than hips and feet.
Less control of the bike.

I love your tool box - actually looks like an old ammo box, right ?

Your exhaust ... you can leave it as is unless you plan to/need to ford creeks - only you know that.
Eventually, a short length of pipe bent 30 or 45 will allow for the "raised exhaust" you need, in 1960's scrambler style.

Keep us posted !
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