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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
I’m working on a plan for a new cross-country rally in Northern Mexico, currently named the Diabolical Rally. It's a big-time real race, not another of my typical practice/training rides. I’m trying to decide a number of things. What do you want in a rally? What are your thoughts and opinions on these questions?

1. How many days of racing would you like? Remember there’s also a registration/tech day ahead of the first race day, and probably a half day after the final race day for awards.
2. How many hours of racing per day (assuming moderate to extremely challenging terrain)?
3. How difficult should the navigation be? Different difficulty on each day?
4. How difficult should the terrain be? Different on each day?
5. Would you like zero, one, or two optional short non-timed “practice” stages to get used to the roadbooks, unique navigation, and unique terrain in the area? Would you come one or two days early to do the practice stage(s)?
6. Would you like to camp in a bivouac, Dakar style, or pay for hotel rooms a ways away from the start/finish?
7. Are paved liaison sections a major pain, or a minor inconvenience? How far is too far if you have a morning and evening paved liaison?
8. Which would you prefer:
...a. Moving bivouac (i.e. Dakar and NORRA Mexican 1000, more liaisons, more taco stands).
...b. Fixed bivouac (stationary camp, no need for chase crew, no long drive back to the border after you're done).
9. Would you be willing to pay 3 times more if it was in Western USA instead of Northern Mexico?
10. What could be done to attract traditional Baja racers without turning it into another SCORE race?

How many of you would want in on the Diabolical Rally (assuming Mexico)? We’re aiming for no limits on entry numbers, but we need to get an idea how much interest there is.
I am a relative noob also, but would love to ride something like this. Here are my answers, for what it's worth. You'll get different answers from the experienced guys, obviously.

1. Figuring on a day pre/post rally, 4 days of racing sounds good and would start to stress bike/rider reliability. That would mean a week of vacation roughly.

2. 6 hours racing/day

3. I like the idea of navigation being a distinguishing skill, but I wouldn't want navigation to be *deliberately* tricky or intentionally misleading.

4. Terrain difficulty would be nice to have some variability. Maybe an easier/faster day after a rough technical day, for example.

5. One practice session to get used to the idea would be helpful.

6. Bivouac

7. Paved liasons are fine. I personally wouldn't want to knock off several hundred miles of pavement like Dakar prior to racing...maybe 1-1.5 hours on pavement at the most.

8. Moving bivvy is ok but would be better if it started/ended at roughly the same location at the end of the rally (i.e. a big loop) to avoid the long drive back (i.e. not a direct north->south route). Fixed bivouac is nice to not have the chase crew and much easier for service setup etc. I'd lean towards the latter if possible. Or maybe one fixed one for the first two nights, and move the location for the second two. Something halfway in between.

9. I *would*, personally, be willing to pay 3x more to race in the US (depending on what the rough fee for Mexico is...)

10. No input on this one. Baja to me seems to attract a different crowd than Rally Raid. There are lots of SCORE/BITD/Baja events. I'd hope this would be something completely different.

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