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Bicimapas Mexico GPS Atlas 2013 install on Garmin Zumo 350 LM?

Has anyone successfully done this installation? After some struggling, I finally have the map installed onto an 8GB microSD card in the unit, after changing the device from MTP to a mass storage device so that windows would recognize the card. But the GPS won't read the map - at all. The only thing I can think of is that I had purchased this maps under the unit ID of my old GPS (streetpilot 2820) and perhaps there is a disconnect with the Unit ID of the new 350LM.

I have updated the software/firmware (2.7) of the 350LM so there should be no issues there. I have tried a clean reload the maps using Mapsource, after the firmware update, in case there was a problem with the original download to the card. The only thing that changed was the message the 350LM gives on start up. Before firmware update it said "cannot activate map", now after firmware update and clean download to 8GB card in device it says "cannot unlock maps". Neither do the maps appear in the list of "mymaps" in the 350LM menu system.

I had contacted Bicimapas via their facebook page and their advice was to update firmware on the 350LM, which they said worked for them. I did that and no luck. I have since contacted them and not received any reply.

Anyone have luck with this?

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