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I went to the supermarket. I know, its not nearly exciting as the open air markets where the cows have donated their organs for open display and sale, but at least there was motorcycle parking.

I saw three bikes parked in front of a WalMart in my hometown of Pittsburgh and I was impressed. Here I counted 60 motorcycles. You read that correctly, sixty! 85 cars.

I thought about parking in the section near the building but then I saw some guy trying to get his bike out and I figured some moron (thanks, Ben) would knock my pretty, new bike over and Pee Wees Big Adventure would start all over again.

They even had security watching over the lot.

Motorcycles are, of course, the effective equivalent of compact cars fit for the HOV lane.

Even if you have kids, you can use a motorcycle. Ive seen families of five. From front to back its a 4 year old boy holding the handlebar, Dad driving, 8 year old girl, and Mom with newborn bringing up the rear. Pretty rare, so Ill try to get a pic.

At least the parents have helmets.

And if the family gets too big, you have a business, or you just want to drive around and pick up crap off the street, you can get one of these:

All that for less than the price of a Honda. Cargo and assistant not included.
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