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Talking Lurkers: How to find the good stuff easier

Yo, Lurker!

Feel free to lurk all you want, but if you register the system can offer you goodies it can't otherwise, even if you never post.

(And no worries; we don't spam. We've never sent email to our member list or given out their email addresses. We never will.)

Goody 1:

A New Posts link shows up in the navbar when you're logged in. It gives you new posts since your last visit, not the lame Today's Posts you're getting now.

excluded forums

Goody 2:

You get a Jo Momma link in the navbar. Jo Momma is, erem, curiously strong, and can suck you in.

Goody 3:

A link will appear on the left of the navbar called Inmate CP (it's your control panel). If you go to Edit options in the control panel, you can choose which forums to exclude from view and the New posts link:

excluded forums

Happy lurking!

P.S. If you're and need bigger fonts, try the Ricky style (selected in lower left of page).
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