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Day 15

I forgot to mention that after we fixed the flat and started back on the crappy road through Yukon to Beaver Creek (can't believe the alarming lack of pavement in the Yukon) where I bought the boys dinner and drinks in gratitude for their helping me....I saw Dave and Judy parked on the side of the road, waving enthusiastically. I suppose I'm easy to spot with bright pink glow in the dark horns. We didn't stop but I gave them a big wave back.

Woke up the next morning and headed to Fast Eddy's which came highly recommended for good food in Tok. I ate here 4 times in all.

Ordered an omelet with caribou sausage. 2nd Alaska animal consumed. Check.

Met up with this guy sitting at a table next to ours and turns out he was headed to Anchorage and loved the idea of sharing the ride together.

Alaska was constantly impressive. The snow capped peaks jutting straight up into the clouds were everywhere.

About an hour outside of Tok, we made a turn and 2 black bears were crossing the road. Mama and baby. I barely glimpsed the baby having already crossed the road but got a nice close up look of the other one. I was so giddy with the decade I've been living in California I have never seen a bear. I spend whole weekends tooling around on fire roads in parks, not one lousy bear, ever. I almost contemplated leaving bacon out once when we camped at Lassen and finally, here, the last frontier, Nancy got to see a bear! (sorry no photo)

We arrived at Eureka Lodge and I ordered some great fried chicken and learned that Alaskan's use Miracle Whip instead of Mayonnaise to make cole slaw. Yuck!

Mark (AKDuc) in Anchorage had told me about a place along the road to Anchorage that had amazing pie.

I thought this was the place but turns out it was sheep lodge just down another 10 miles. Still it was great food.

As we got closer and closer to Anchorage I was starting to get stable fever. I knew my solo riding was nearly at an end and while I enjoyed the freedom and flexibility that comes along with that, I was ready to be part of a group again.

Got to Mark's place a couple hours earlier than expected.

The bugs plastered on my bike from just one day of riding was unbelievable.

I named my Tiger Gossamer from the looney tunes...because he's big and orange and intimidating.

Mark arrived home from work and we went for dinner at a restaurant/theater combo. The building was Art Deco so I was especially pleased.

Had some great BBQ ribs.

My bedroom.

That is Mark's closet and not the rack at a motorcycle shop.

The next day was all about Gossamer. Took off both wheels and drove to AK Leather where I finally met Barb.

Shipped my tires for $40 and fortunately they arrived just the day before, 5 days late.

I washed my boy with S-100, took the Ortlieb bags to the laundry mat and then went to visit the Harley Davidson shop.

Then he drove me around the seaport.

Got a close up of this tail teddy bear. Mark asked what my little stuffed bear's name was....Grindel I told him. I got him when I survived a snowy pass in Switzerland the previous summer in July on my way to the Grindelwald and the Top of Europe.

Baby's got new shoes!!!

That evening Mark took me to meet his whole family for dinner.

It felt good to sleep two nights in one place and get all my clothes cleaned. I had plans for the next 2 days to ride the Kenai but for now, it was sweet, sweet dreams. I made it!
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