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Originally Posted by psmcd View Post
If you went to the top of Snake Creek you may have found the Sunset Peak end of the 157 single track. 157 runs from Sunset Peak at Alta/Brighton all the way to the Alpine Loop. I may have to ride north from Pole Line Pass on my mountain bike to scout that section. I was hoping to see if Snake Creek connected with 157 but decided to bail before getting tossed by my DR650.
Ok, so judging by some trail maps I found it appears you are correct. I would have to go up there again to prove it as it was a long time ago but it looks right.

Link to where we were sitting when we saw the track:

We went to the top of the FR420 and while talking about where to go next my buddy spotted the single track - it took us south to just above forrest lake where we had to bail down into AF canyon and head home. Fun run but no cake walk.

Do either of you know if the trail to pittsburg lake is reachable via motorcycle?
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