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Originally Posted by boomshakalaka View Post
A tickler! This is the first I'd ever heard of such a thing... I guess it's like the little rubber clowns nose on my lawn mower that I pump a few times to prime the carb?

Rich B, you mentioned lighting... is there anywhere I can get a wiring diagram? Without lights, it's just a wire from the stator to the coil, right? Is there anywhere I can find a repair manual? There has to be a PDF one floating around, right? Oh and yeah, I'd be interested in the airbox; let me know.

Anyways, thanks for the help and encouragement so far.
I think someone posted a color wiring diagram on this board a few months ago..... Also check Yahoo Groups, there is a half assed Bultaco board there. It has an old rebuild article and I seem to remember a wiring diagram. I don't know of any PDF manual floating around. Look around for a Haynes, not the best but it does cover the basics. It is better for a Sherpa T or Alpina than any other models.

I know where the air cleaner is hiding, but not sure if I can physically get to it maybe after I heal a bit from being sliced and diced on Monday I will see if I can get to it this weekend, or see if the wife will dig it out (not holding my breath on that). Long story, but my riding is probably done for a few months

Yea, the tickler is similar to the clown nose on your mower. You actually raise the fuel level in the float bowl with the tickler to "enrichen" the mixture. Really! And it does mostly work. Be careful of letting the bike sit with fuel in the bowl, Amal carbs are a bit susceptible to clogging the pilot circuit. That bike should have a correct Spanish Amal with a separate pilot jet. Watch getting Amal parts as many are for 4 stroke spec carbs. Needles and needle jets are the largest minefield in incorrect parts.
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