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So I finally made it home yesterday. It was a pretty painful car ride home. Not nearly as bad as the car ride from WV to Harrisonburg, but none the less, not pleasent. My three biggest goals for the next couple of days is to:

1. Get cleaned up. I still haven't been able to bathe since before the race. Gross!!!

2. Get the negative side effects of the hospital treatment under control. None of the doctors or nurses seemed to care much when I told them I was allergic to tape. The first bandage they used on my incision was this massive self sticking foam thing. I've had a bad skin reaction to it, and now my back and underarm is covered in uncomfortable blisters.

3. The bike is here, I just need to get it unloaded. Maybe some local ADV guys can help with that.

I canceled my BRS reservation. But, depending on how the shoulder is doing, I might come volunteer.

Tom, where on FB were you getting those pictures. Also, why was Gage hit with so many penalty minutes?
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