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My guess from riding several rally bikes and a few rallies.

The engine will be bullet proof, may feel a bit tame in the larger frame (compared to a yamaha or honda). Cyril at KTM had already said that the 450RR needed some modernization (ie lose some weight). But dont forget 90% of the people rallying do NOT need a competetive bike, they need a rideable reliable bike.

If you are in 70th spot you are NOT in any contention, finishing should be the goal, anyone who blows an engine in 70th spot took the wrong idealogy to the race.

I reckon the thought process here is a great one, most people going to dakar would choose a 450RR, errrrrrrr , a winner if the rider has alien talent otherwise it is the wrong choice. It requires daily love and attention, lots of attention, and as a noveau entrant at dakar you simply do not have that time.

my 2cents

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